Welcome to our world of

How it Works:

Each week we film a range of new Online Classes for you to enjoy  –  as often and whenever you like  – within that week!

You can do all the classes or just a few – entirely up to you… 

These are accessed by a Password, unique to that week’s classes.

Each Pass = 1 Week (5 classes)

Once purchasing is complete, you will receive your Password via email on Sunday nights, ready for the following week. 


1. Click the link below to start your booking (once you have read these steps first!)

2. Continue through until you have completed payment by credit card.

3. Each week that you have purchased, you will receive a Password via email for that coming week.

A Monday-to-Sunday calendar Week pass is $15 for UNLIMITED access to the Classes for that week.

(You can do as many as you like, whenever you like, in that calendar week.)

Every week we will have new classes to choose from!


If you had Class Credits from before the COVID-19 closure, you were emailed asking if you would like to use them as Weekly Online passes.

For those of you that responded “YES” – you have already been booked and your Password will be emailed to you every Sunday, for as many credits as you had (or had nominated)

If you received the email but have not yet replied, 

please do so ASAP so I can set up your credits for you. 


NOTE: You cannot manually transfer your credits from the old system (MindBody) to the new system (BookaMat) yourself – I have to do this for you.

And please continue to be patient with me as we transfer to the new system
- eventually we will all get used to it!!